Many years ago, people lived in tribes and had easy access to a healer within their own group. The healer served the entire tribe without monetary support.

Allopathic medicine dominates our world today. Everyone has a right to medical services, but not everyone is insured. And for those who do have insurance, reimbursements vary and not everyone has the ability to pay for co-payments or meet deductibles.

This creates a huge divide in how people choose medical support. It affects our willingness and preparedness to pay for medical services that are not covered, or are only partially reimbursed by health insurance.

With the (often shocking) cost of medical services, it’s no wonder people choose providers and services that are covered by their health insurance!

All of this, and much more, has created the mindset, habits and system that steer us away from thinking more deeply about our own bodies, to seek attention only when things aren’t going well, and then choose the most affordable service without knowing if it will truly provide what is needed to relieve suffering.      

With the threat of succumbing to a virus glaringly obvious right now, the weakness in this approach is magnified.

No matter how accurate or misleading the information and statistics show, it’s clear that those most at risk are the ones who were already not doing well.

There are many people in the process of developing disease that are unaware of it in this moment. In time, it will escalate and cause symptoms that lead them to seek medical intervention, but their risk from being negatively affected right now is also high.

Many more people are coasting along thinking they are just fine, but their bodies still aren’t as strong as they could be. They too are more susceptible to the ill effects of viruses, than people who have chosen a proactive lifestyle that makes them stronger than most.

Willingness to invest in your health, no matter what is going on in the world, provides much more than just improved health. When your body is strong and healthy, you’ll be able to weather the challenges that come your way with greater ease and a higher degree of certainty that the outcome will be positive.

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It brought me out of significant health struggles and the daily misery they caused. It brought my brain back so I could think for myself, enhance my skills, open my own business and live with much greater ease. It brought back joy, the ability to enjoy my family, and a zest for travel and adventure that had been buried in a body just barely getting by.

And NOT ONE of the practitioners or techniques that helped me get my health back were covered by insurance. I dug into savings and got really clear on what my priorities were so that I could continue to invest in my healing.

I didn’t stop investing in myself when my health concerns cleared. I continue to choose a lifestyle that fortifies every aspect of my health. That means spending money on things like organic food, massage, non-toxic products and other items that most people overlook, especially when cheaper options are available.  

Today, these choices provide me with the incredible comfort of knowing that my body is strong enough to handle the current viral threat, which is no small matter considering the fear that many people are faced with.

My entire point boils down to this: Investing in your own health has many, many benefits.

It can save you tons of money over the course of your lifetime by limiting your need for costly medical care.

It can literally save your life.

And in trying times such as these, a strong body is the most protective measure you can have in place.

I hope you’ll consider shifting your mindset and your lifestyle towards healthier options.

You only have one body, it’s the only one you’ll ever get, AND it’s the only vehicle that can carry you through on this wild, crazy journey we call life.


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