Over the course of our lives, we are encouraged to follow rules, listen to authority, comply without question and behave according to the standards of our families, schools and society.

There are times when this plays out beautifully, such as when we get behind the wheel. We follow the roads, stay on the correct side, keep our vehicles within lanes and stop at signs and signals.

It’s much more orderly and safer than it would be if there were no rules.

There are also times when following the rules may not serve you.

We’re about to venture into controversial territory. My intention is to raise your awareness of things you may not be thinking enough about.

That means we sometimes have to dive into issues most people would rather not think about.

I’m always interested in helping you achieve excellent health, and I can’t encourage you enough to take the time to question and explore the complexity of vaccines.

They are presented as an easy, reliable, SAFE solution for preventing a vast array of illnesses.

But countless resources insist that there are NO studies that actually demonstrate safety (let alone effectiveness, which is a topic for another day).

A full list of the ingredients in every vaccine is readily available on the internet. If you’d like a list that I recently found, just hit reply and let me know. I’ll email it back to you.

I’m including a chart here for different flu vaccines to use as an example. The middle column shows what medium they use to culture the vaccine, and the column on the right shows the additional ingredients.

Let’s cover a few of these:

Formaldehyde: Most people are familiar with the preservative properties of formaldehyde. A quick internet search reveals that consuming it can cause respiratory and eye disorders, skin irritation and intestinal damage. 

Thimerosal: This is a mercury-based preservative. There are federal guidelines for minimizing mercury consumption from contaminated sources like some seafood as it can impair neurological function and more. It’s still allowed in vaccines which get injected directly into the body.

Polysorbate 80: This is an emulsifier that helps break the blood brain barrier, which means that any potentially risky component can now penetrate one of the most vulnerable and essential areas of your body.

Many people argue that the amount of each ingredient in a single vaccine is minimal and of no risk to the body. But few people receive only one vaccine.

Children often receive multiple vaccines at once, and a long list of them in the early years of their lives. While adults might receive one or two a year, the previous vaccines they received need to be added to the equation when considering the risk.

And we are exposed to a wide variety of other toxins on a daily basis. So we can’t assume anything based on one vaccine; we have to consider the interaction and totality of everything we come into contact with.

The source of many other ingredients is another consideration. There are often animal and human (fetal) derived tissues and DNA in vaccines.

Here’s one SUPER important detail you need to be aware of when considering any vaccine: The manufacturer and the person who administers your vaccine have ZERO liability if anything happens to you. There are federal laws in place that release them from ALL liability.

If you have an adverse reaction or are permanently injured by a vaccine, you’re on your own.

The one thread of hope is that there is a vaccine injury fund. But you must prove that your injury or health challenge is from the vaccine.

If I’m remembering correctly, more than 24 billion dollars have been paid out of that fund. Considering that proof is the burden of the injured person, it’s staggering to contemplate how many people have been compensated for vaccine injuries. And there are many more that go unreported.

One of the things that prompted me to commit to this post is that the state of MA recently issued a mandatory order that all kids must receive the flu vaccine this year to go to school.

There are studies that show that receiving the flu vaccine increases the risk from coronavirus by 36%. And it may increase the risks of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as vaccine interference.

While many states are losing their exemption rights, MA still has medical and religious exemptions in place.

So, you CAN opt out.

When I started to learn the details about vaccines many years ago, I chose to stop vaccinating my kids. I filled out a religious exemption form and sent it to their schools. I was never questioned or asked about it again and was extremely relieved to be able to exercise the option of educated choice.

I can’t encourage you enough to explore this topic in greater depth. There are many vaccines for COVID-19 in the works, and I’m hearing about a lot of adverse reactions in the ones they’ve started testing.

There’s a huge amount of censorship happening online and in the media. This makes it harder than ever to find reliable information to consider the potential benefits and risks of vaccines.

It’s one of the many reasons why I’m excited to share an upcoming resource that popped into my inbox last week.  

Vaccines Revealed – a docuseries that will be airing soon. You can register here.

It takes place online and has free and paid viewing options.

Many experts will share their knowledge, so you’ll have access to a lot more information and points of view.   

You only have one body. It is miraculous and magnificent! You are the only one who can decide what is right for you. Taking the time to understand your options and actively choose is vital.

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