The world looks and feels like a messy place this year.

And so many people are moving through this time with fear.

But what if what we’re seeing and experiencing is a clearing – a dismantling of old ways that weren’t working, making way for new and better things to rise?

Imagine discovering your dream property, a place that you had envisioned and searched for years to find. It’s overrun with dilapidated buildings and brush, and you’re just not sure you’re up to the task of clearing it all and implementing your vision.

But the place FEELS right. And you know deep inside you that it’s meant to be yours, that you are the one meant to reveal its beauty and live in the harmony and blessing of it all.

You trust your gut and begin.

Hidden gems reveal themselves. A stunning rosebush that was hidden behind a pile of rubble goes into full bloom once you pull the rotted boards away. A gorgeous stone path that was covered by weeds reveals itself as you work. You see your vision unfolding before your eyes and it FEELS amazing.

If you choose to, you can discover the hidden gems amidst the chaos and uncertainty of what is in front of us right now. 

“Things fall down and break apart, especially things that are built on rocky foundations or near emotional and mental fault lines. Destruction is a fact of life – none of us escape it. Things end, crumble, and disintegrate right in front of our eyes all throughout our lives. For whatever reason, you have forgotten that everything is temporary. Something in your life needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Its current construction no longer serves its purpose, and it is being destroyed. This is a good thing and necessary for something new to find its way into your life.”  -Mermaid Tarot

My biggest blessing has been choosing to follow the call to slow down and go within.

I’m letting go of old patterns that weren’t serving me. I’m accepting a call to shift to a softer, more feminine way of working. I’m pushing myself less and going with my gut and what feels right, even when my logical brain is chattering another story.

I’m spending more time reading and learning. I’m tackling projects bit by bit, as I feel called to. And not forcing myself to finish them, allowing myself to go back and pick them up again when it feels right.

I’m relying on intuition and faith more and more. I’m learning to hear when my body is saying no, and I am finding it easier to feel when it’s saying yes.

There’s more ease and flow and it FEELS good.

There is definitely resistance at times. Part of me hates that I don’t have a clear plan for what comes next, that I can’t plan the exciting trips that I want to take, that I’m not fully sure how I want to evolve my business.

I allow it all. And I let it move through me.

I’m honoring the process of the transition we are in. I’m listening to what I feel called to do to be ready to embrace the beautiful possibilities of what comes next.  

Change can create great discomfort. And it can be an incredible opportunity for growth. No matter what it looks like, you have the ability to choose what it means for you.

I invite you to choose yourself, to choose growth, expansion, flow and grace… and a perfect unfolding of the blank canvas that becomes available when old ways crumble.

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