Your body, senses, mind & heart are tools for living an expansive life full of joy, purpose, connection, fulfillment & continuous growth in every possible way. 

Your body, senses, mind & heart are tools for living an expansive life full of joy, purpose, connection, fulfillment & continuous growth in every possible way.

YOU are unlimited potential. (Yes, you! And your mother, next-door neighbor and the woman down the street.) 

I know you’ve worked hard and achieved SO much already. 

And there is way more to light your way than you’re likely aware of. 

There are energy fields around the human body that connect to everything that exists – the frequencies, vibrations, sounds and sights that are outside of the conscious sensory capabilities of the human body, the frequencies of light and love that are beaming from the stars, planets and galaxies, the collective consciousness full of experience, knowledge and guidance beyond what we can learn in traditional settings, the healing frequencies of the planet under our feet – and so much more. 

Harmonizing and maximizing your innate abilities within these fields and forces expands your possibilities exponentially

In our work together, I can “see” your energy fields, translate your current state of being, guide you on a customized path to clear what’s holding your back from stepping into your capabilities and desires in every area of your life (yes, that’s means your business life and goals too!) and facilitate and support your ability to create a fine-tuned, harmonious, joyful and expansive state of being alive and thriving!

When you came into physical form, you possessed your very own unique and magical combination of intuition, perception, skills, and superpowers. Some call these abilities psychic.

We all have these abilities, each in our own unique ways.

The rules of the society you were born into – your family, religious teachings, schooling and social circles – have distracted you from exploring and utilizing these expansive gifts.

Step into remembering and reclaiming the magical being you are. It is your birthright to be lit up and in full expression of your own power and magnificence.


Your session will be a virtual, 1:1 live meeting with me via Zoom so we see one another and chat face to face. Our meeting will go 1-2 hours, depending on your needs.


I will record our session and email you the video and audio files so you can watch or listen to our session as many times as you’d like.


I always think of something else I want to ask or clarify in my own healing and expansion process. So I’m including follow up access via email, text or phone as additional support.

What my clients are saying

What my clients are saying

“Working with Elaine was one of the most transcendental experiences I have ever had. Her precision, energetic reading, and ability to hold space is an absolute gift. I felt so safe to release and talk about what is going on in my life and soul experience. I feel as though my energy field has immediately boosted in congruence, vibration, and frequency. I was able to release on a physical, emotional, and energetic level all at once with her guidance. She zero’d in on areas that needed attention so quickly, I am mind-blown. I recommend her services to you, she is a multi-dimensional healer with EXTREME precision and power. Her connection with her spirit guides and her confidence to speak intuitively is like nothing I have ever seen in my life. I work with energy daily and have had many encounters with energy healing, Elaine is truly one of a kind, one in 8 billion.”
Cat Kent, Founder of Super 47

“My energy session with Elaine was incredible! She was able to help me see things that were just outside my reach and offer me insight into how my emotions were being affected by my energy field. I’m so thankful for her beautiful heart and talent!”
Dr. Michelle Dunn, Founder of Dr. Lady Babe

I had a wonderful appointment with Elaine after returning to her in her new format. Ah, so comforting and profound. Can’t wait until I see her again.
Maia Wentrup

“My experience with Elaine was outstanding. She was able to break down complicated concepts to make them understandable.”