A few weeks ago, I had a visual pop into my head in the middle of the night. I was inspired to sit up, pull out my journal, turn on my bedside flashlight and right it down.

I’ve since come to view the image as a skyscraper. The middle part, where all the floors of the building would be, is all about your life and what you experience on a daily basis:  work, relationships, fun, etc. And that’s where most of us put our focus. 

Your physical and mental health are represented by the foundation of the building, the part that’s underground and not typically visible. Without the proper foundation, everything above is at risk. The building will be compromised and could sink or collapse if the builders neglect to build a proper foundation. 

When I started my own healing process in 2000, I was focused intently on my physical health. I started with exercise, supplementation and bodywork, and experienced some quick wins that inspired me to keep going. 

As my health improved, I completely overhauled my diet, personal care products, and household cleaning products to find the best options available to support my other efforts. I became very mindful of my home environment and chose non-toxic and healthy options for furniture, bedding, etc., whenever possible. 

My health continued to dramatically improve and I was further inspired to see how much farther I could take it. 

When I started addressing my mental, emotional and spiritual health, and examining my beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions, I was able to reach a whole new level of health. It opened my eyes to how limited our perception of health really is and how much we are missing out on by overlooking these foundational aspects of our health that affect every other aspect of our lives. 

At the top of my diagram, you can see a circle that I labeled “higher consciousness” (misspelled in the middle of the night). We have the ability to see all of what’s going on, find what’s being overlooked and/or neglected, and shift anything we desire. 

And this is where the magic happens. Unlike a building foundation that can only be built before the rest of the building, we have the ability to examine, shift and change every aspect of our health on an ongoing basis. 

Those efforts directly impact, and have the ability to significantly enhance and constantly upgrade, every other aspect of our life. And this is how you can create the life of your dreams! 

I can’t encourage you enough to deeply consider your “foundation”. You can put a lot of effort into some aspects of your health and the life you’ve created and desire, and still be at risk if and when other pieces of your foundation have been overlooked or are being neglected. 

Awareness is the first step. Creating a plan to strengthen what weaknesses you discover comes next. 

Sometimes the answers are obvious and easy, and other times that are elusive. Action is always easier when you have the right guidance and support in place. 

Let me know what comes up for you so I can point you in the right direction to take action on what you discover.