In December of 2000, after struggling with significant health challenges for more than 2 decades, I made a commitment to find my way back to health.

Outside of chiropractic care and massage, I had no idea what was available to support me on my journey. And I didn’t know anyone who had chosen a holistic pathway of healing. I had to figure it all out on my own.

I met a lot of practitioners, some that were super talented and extremely helpful, and some that were disappointing. And I met others like me who had issues that did not resolve with traditional medicine.

A whole new world opened up in front of my eyes – a world that has expanded exponentially since then. But one that many people are still unfamiliar with, or don’t realize how it could help them.

More people need to know what holistic healing and wellness options are available, that true health is about MUCH more than not feeling sick, and that they could be feeling even better than they do. That’s why I’m so passionate about knowing who is doing what in the world, and what new products and services are coming to market. It’s why I help spread the word about the world of holistic health whenever possible.

So when Maureen Lake invited me to be on her Graceful Healing Podcast to talk about my work, I said yes right away!

I invite you to listen in and consider how your health could be even better than it is today.

Please consider sharing it with anyone you know who is settling for less than the health they deserve. A spark of inspiration can change someone’s life!

The world of holistic health changed me, in all possible ways. I am so deeply grateful for my healing and ongoing wellness. It’s a gift that has enabled me to experience life in a way I didn’t know was possible when I was struggling with my health.

You deserve the best!