Video Transcript

While it’s obvious to say that life as we know it only exists with a physical body, as a society, we are not taught to care for our bodies with the respect and awe that they deserve. Illness and disease are rampant and continue to take down more and more people every day. And health tragedies are hitting at ever younger ages.

Our bodies are not designed to operate in this way!

Your body is constantly breaking down and repairing itself, and doing its best to function optimally. When you have a healthy lifestyle and provide your body with everything it needs, it will carry you through all the ups and downs of life with power and grace.

You have a tremendous amount of control over your own health. Your day to day choices either support or interfere with proper bodily function. Poor choices diminish your vitality and tax your body, fueling a process of decline. This often happens so slowly that you aren’t even aware that your body is not functioning as well as it could be.

The craziest part is that you may be interfering with your ability to experience optimal health even when you think you are making good choices. There’s a ton of misinformation available which can make it incredibly daunting to decipher who is telling the truth and what you should pay attention to and implement. What we’ve been taught to focus on isn’t enough to keep you healthy. And we have an ever-increasing number of factors working against us.

We are surrounded by a wide variety of toxins and stressors: the stress and demands of a busy life, obvious and hidden dangers in our food supply, a lack of nutrients in a great deal of our food options, lack of movement and inattentiveness to our mental and emotional health, and an unprecedented amount of chemicals in our water, cleaning products, personal care products, homes, work spaces, yards and public spaces.

As a society, the typical approach is to only focus on your health when you are injured or don’t feel well. While some people get a renewed sense of the importance of their health during such a crisis, and improve their lifestyle choices from that point on, many people default to their previous, less than healthy ways after the challenge has passed. This is a huge tragedy, but understandable given how little emphasis has been placed on the importance of self-care.

If you haven’t put serious effort into getting educated and taking control of everything you can, whether you feel amazing or awful, it’s highly likely that you are not getting everything you need, while simultaneously exposing yourself to things that can wreak havoc. And that could cost you your health, your ability to accomplish all the important things you’ve set out to do, and sadly, even your life.

When I started to grasp this, I realized how much power I have over my own health and how the choices I had been making contributed to the mess I was in. It empowered me to take action and recover my health after suffering with significant health challenges for more than two decades.

Improving your lifestyle will help you heal from any challenges you may be faced with, and significantly reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill. And that’s really what my mission is all about: helping you shift your mindset and habits into prioritizing self-care, to optimize and protect your health today, tomorrow and for all the years to come.

You deserve to feel better than okay. It’s not selfish to put your health first. It’s wise and essential in order to have a successful and healthy tomorrow, and to increase your chances of avoiding disease next month, next year, and decades from now. It also supports ageing gracefully and happily, allowing you to continue to live an expanding and amazing life.

I want it to be as easy as possible for you to find everything you need to create amazing, vibrant health and experience all of the benefits that come with it. I want you to have the health you need, so that you can live the life you deserve.

You are the centerpiece and one irreplaceable piece of all the wonderful things that you do and have. Creating and maintaining excellent personal health is doable and worth your time and attention. Committing to excellent self-care is essential and non-negotiable when you have big goals and dreams. The world needs your unique skills and talents. Thank you for all that you do. It’s an honor and a pleasure to support you in achieving amazing personal health.