From the outside, it probably looked like Krisstina had it all.

But things are often not as they appear, and she almost lost the one thing that made all of it possible: her very existence in a physical body.

She spent a massive amount of money getting her health back. And then revamped her entire life with her new understanding of how health is the foundation of everything.

Since Krisstina’s expertise is wealth creation, I invited her to share how:

  • Your beliefs and attitude towards money and the state of your financial health are intimately connected to your ability to thrive and experience true physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Shifting to a proactive mindset and taking action right now, even in the midst of the Corona virus, can change everything.


Click below to watch the live interview with Krisstina Wise or listen to the podcast:

Get Krisstina’s guide to financial immunity, with actions you can take today here. And you can find out more about Krisstina, her other programs and her podcast here.

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