The comments I’ve heard over many years of private practice have led me to believe that our immune system response is often very misunderstood. It seems to be a common belief that a strong immune system will prevent most forms of illness. And while it’s true that those with strong immune systems will fare better than those without, getting sick is a natural and important part of life.

All living entities fight for survival, and microbes are constantly changing to beat defenses in the world around them and ensure their survival. Your body’s first exposure to any microbe will prompt an immune response, and you are likely to have symptoms while your body figures out how to mount a proper defense to eliminate that microbe from your system. A deep immune response takes time, and you are likely to be symptomatic and uncomfortable while your body is figuring things out. Supporting your immune system response is wise and helpful, while suppressing your immune response actually weakens your long term immunity! Once your immune system mounts a proper defense, that microbe will now be more easily recognized the next time you are exposed to it, and your body will kick into defeat mode much more quickly.

Managing your symptoms for comfort, but allowing time for proper immune response and recovery, is a wise course of action. In general, we live life in the fast lane these days, so slowing down and resting is a challenge. But the immune system response is energy intensive, so rest and relaxation go a long way to maximize your body’s ability to mount a proper immune response. For me, crawling into bed for as long as my body needs, is sometimes the only thing I need to get through an immune challenge! I know it’s not always easy to find the time to take this approach, but there was a time in history where this course of action was much more acceptable and doable. We need to find our way back to these simple strategies.

Recently, I had a really uncomfortable sore throat. I had been in a seminar all weekend and the A/C was running high the last day. I initially thought this was the culprit for my sore throat, as I don’t tolerate A/C very well and have had this response on numerous occasions. But my symptoms shifted from just the sore throat into congestion, sneezing, fatigue, runny nose and brain fog, so I knew a cold was the actual culprit. I started managing the discomfort of my sore throat first, before I even knew I had a cold. I keep an herbal throat spray from Mediherb on hand. A few sprays into my mouth, aimed at my throat, made a huge difference very quickly. The combination of Marshmallow Root, Sage, Calendula Flower, Echinacea Root, Myrrh and Clove is very soothing and healing for throat irritation. My throat felt better immediately and use of the herbal throat spray as often as needed for discomfort, resulted in a quick resolution of my sore throat over the course of a day or two.

This has been my go-to product for many years and one I typically pack with me when I travel, especially when I’ll be in air conditioning for any length of time. I always keep a bottle on hand so I have it available as soon as I need it. I keep it on my bedside stand, as sore throats tend to hit me first in the middle of the night.

Mediherb products should only be available through healthcare professionals. If you do a quick internet search for them, you can find them for purchase online, but they’re being sold illegally that way. There are lots of other throat sprays on the market, but few companies have the quality and integrity of ingredients that Mediherb insists on.

My typical recommendations are things you can find in stores and online, but this product is an exception. It’s just too good to not share, even though it’s not as easy to obtain. If you have any interest, please reach out to me. It is something I carry at the office and can easily send you. Or I can set you up to order it directly from the company.

I’ll continue to highlight my favorite immune support products in upcoming blog posts, with a focus on products you can find on your own.

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