I don’t remember my first introduction to card decks such as Tarot or Oracle cards. Even after I heard of them, it was many years before I understood what purpose they might serve in my life.

I now own three decks. My favorite is a Mermaid Tarot deck by Leeza Robertson, with illustrations by Julie Dillon. I spotted it this past fall at a local expo and couldn’t resist adding it to my collection.

I love pulling a card when I’m trying to come up with a solution, struggling to find meaning in something that’s happening in my life, or to end a great day.

I’d like to share a card I recently pulled with you:

“The sun gives life. It provides energy and warmth for things to grow and thrive. It is one of the key elements of creation along with water and oxygen, which in the shallow, warm waters of the sea are all abundance. Here are the perfect conditions for creation, an auspicious merging of energy provides the exact conditions you need to solve a problem, begin a relationship, or start a new project”.

The past few months have been filled with challenges.

But it’s now the season for the sun to shine brightly, creating space for healing, expansion and new beginnings.

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