You are SO much more than you’ve been led to believe.

Our societal and educational systems have trained us to be in our heads, which leaves 95% of our potential untapped.

Your body is the place to BE. It’s where your unconscious beliefs, extra sensory capacities and magical, potent, energetic heart space reside, just waiting for you to ignite their potential.

Tapping into that power floods your body with energy for healing and self-optimization, physically, emotionally and mentally.

As this power explodes, it transmits out into the world and becomes available to all living things. Which means that your inner work is a powerful way to assist change across the globe (which we all know is desperately needed).

You came into this world and physical body as a potent, magical, transformative soul, unlike anyone else.

A great deal of your magic and potential has gotten lost from all the programming that happens on this planet.

But the essence and truth of your true self is NEVER lost.

It’s all there, just waiting for you to take action.

This workshop is meant for you if you’re ready to:

~ Learn some basic science to satisfy your intellectual needs regarding the unseen forces of the world

~ Use your magnificent body in more expansive ways

~ Create a “toolbox” to activate a deeper, more authentic version of yourself that you can use over and over again to continue your expansion

~ Activate your body to broadcast healing energy out into the world, without your conscious effort, contributing to the healing of our planet and all that is


The Power of BE-Ing Workshop will be live on Zoom on Wednesday, 6/29, at 7 pm Eastern time.

We’ll explore the science of energy, frequency and vibration as well as the sensory capacities inside the body beyond taste, touch, see, hear and smell.

You’ll learn that your brain is a decoder and that there is FAR more vibrational information that the human body can translate into a 5-sense experience that we are conscious of.

We’ll discuss why living only from the head prevents us from connecting to the greater natural world that is literally communicating with us every second of every day.

And that opening those pathways is the key to unlocking amazing physical, emotional and mental health while creating an incredible, abundant life in every possible way. 
Your potential then adds to the collective, which has the power to shift the broken, limiting systems that govern our lives. 
Everything is interconnected and waiting inside your magnificent body.