You are SO much more than you’ve been led to believe.

Societal and educational systems have trained you to be in your head, which leaves 95% of your potential untapped.

Your body is the place to BE. It’s where your unconscious beliefs, extra sensory capacities and magical, potent, energetic heart space reside, just waiting for you to ignite their potential.

Tapping into that power floods your body with energy for healing and self-optimization, physically, emotionally and mentally.

It’s the gateway to “rewire” your nervous system from being hyper-alert and in survival mode, to ease, healing and expansion.
It’s how to connect with the laws of nature and the brilliance and expansiveness of the cosmos.

As this power comes together inside you, it transmits out into the world. This means your inner work is a powerful way to have a massive, positive impact towards the reclamation of health and happiness for ALL living things, which includes our magnificent planet.

You came into this world and physical body as a potent, magical, transformative soul, unlike anyone else.

A great deal of your magic and potential has gone dormant amidst all the programming that happens on this planet.

But the essence and truth of your true self is NEVER lost.

It’s all there, just waiting for you to give it your love and attention.

Utilizing your intellect, the 5% of you that you’ve been trained to focus on, is a ready-to-go tool to get you back into your body and reclaim the truth of who you are.

Exploring the potential you came into this world with, and how the experiences, teachings and systems of our world have taken you away from your most authentic self and inner wisdom, ignites your unconscious KNOWING that you are much more than what has been cultivated by the broken, limited systems that have been created for us.

If you have ever felt even the slightest nudge that you are meant for more, then this is the time and opportunity for you to explore what’s been hiding inside you since the moment your soul and its wisdom came into your physical body.

I’ve designed Energy School: The Power of BE-ing to be a safe and expansive container for you to explore what you’re really capable of, and how to BE happier, healthier, abundant and free.

We’ll explore:

~ How you’ve been led astray from your most authentic self.

~ The programming and manipulation that you’ve been subjected to without your consent.

~ The systems and structures that have been created to keep you busy, distracted and disconnected from your true potential.

~ How to use your magnificent body in more expansive ways, including how to navigate and utilize your emotions for your own healing and expansion.

~ How your beliefs and thoughts are in charge of your body’s chemical and hormonal signaling, which control all of your bodily functions.

~ How the nervous system “hard-wires” itself and perpetuates these limitations until you create the safety and ease the body requires to reset it.

~ The science of energy, frequency and vibration, and how to utilize the unseen forces of the world as incredible tools for reclaiming your sovereignty and reactivating your own, innate power.

~ How your inner work then magnifies your body’s ability to automatically radiate energy out into the world, effortlessly adding supportive energies to the collective, which has the power to break the outdated systems and structures that have limited ALL living things.

Working with Elaine was one of the most transcendental experiences I have ever had. Her precision, energetic reading, and ability to hold space is an absolute gift. I felt so safe to release and talk about what is going on in my life and soul experience. I feel as though my energy field has immediately boosted in congruence, vibration, and frequency. I was able to release on a physical, emotional, and energetic level all at once with her guidance. She zero’d in on areas that needed attention so quickly, I am mind-blown. She is a multi-dimensional healer with EXTREME precision and power. Her connection with her spirit guides and her confidence to speak intuitively is like nothing I have ever seen in my life. I work with energy daily and have had many encounters with energy healing, Elaine is truly one of a kind, one in 8 billion.

Cat Kent

About Elaine

Elaine GardnerElaine holds a B.S. in Health Science. She has been a holistic health practitioner since 2004 and has helped thousands of clients recover their physical, mental, emotional and energetic health.

Elaine has studied and implemented many holistic health modalities including nutrition response testing and restorative endocrinology. She is a certified integration coach and has spent countless hours immersed in the study of all forms of health, the science of energy, frequency and vibration, and the hidden history and mysteries of our planet.

She deeply enjoys teaching, facilitating and supporting others with the experiences, knowledge and tools that have been vital to her own health recovery, personal growth, ongoing expansion and the reclamation of her personal power.

Energy School: The Power of BE-ing

A Monthly Membership Program with live Zoom classes (recorded for your convenience), curated and organized educational and personal growth optimization content, guided visualizations, body activations, time for questions, live coaching and connection, attunements, recorded content for health expansion and more.

    • The key to unlocking the most authentic, expansive, empowered you is waiting inside your magnificent body.
    • Everyone’s been hit with rising costs for food, utilities and more. So I’ve set the intention to deliver a TON of value at an affordable monthly investment price of $66.
    • I invite you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, drop your focus to your energetic heart space in the center of your body and FEEL if Energy School: The Power of BE-ing is calling to you.


If you have questions or would like to talk to me before making your decision, you can click here to contact me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.



I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. It was challenging, enlightening, and accessible information that you can assimilate and take actions on. Whether you need an entire reboot of perspective, or just need to fine tune your next steps, you will find some really valuable information to help on your journey. Elaine is a great teacher and the dynamics of having a group discussion around the various topics she presents adds depth to value received.

Matt Whitaker