The pace of life in the U.S. is often high-speed – pedal to the metal, hamster in the wheel – fueled by caffeine, sugar and adrenaline.

It’s easy to get swept into living that way and define yourself by how productive you are, taking pride in how much you can cram into a day.

The events of 2020 offer an opportunity to slow down, breathe and just BE.

You are a human “BEING”, not a human “doing”.

Your inherent value is WHO you are – what gifts you came into the world with, how you show up for yourself and for others – and how you energetically align yourself to RECEIVE the magic of all that is.

A universal energetic shift is unfolding.

It’s an opportunity to choose a healthier way of BEING, to release trauma and oppression from your mind, body and the collective consciousness, to REST and BREATHE into a deeper connection with yourself, to reignite your childlike wonder of the incredible beauty of nature, to align with healthy human interaction and ascend into a more expansive and genuine version of YOU. 

It’s not an easy task – to disconnect from chaotic current events, to have faith that something greater is happening amidst the disruption, to believe in your own personal power and to trust that things are evolving in a positive way.

You have to get out of your head and into your body. Surrender to trusting your gut, the power of your feelings and allowing intuition to lead.

Resistance and judgement will pop up. It’s a process, not a magical flipping of a switch. Some days will feel amazing and other days will be heavy with doubt and impatience. At least that’s how it’s been for me.

I was seeking “the reason” behind the events of 2020 and the path forward to providing my clients with the best possible support. This year has presented the most unique challenges I’ve witnessed since starting my practice 16 years ago.

And I’ve been impatient to travel again and to have experiences that light me up.

As I surrendered my irritation about the way things are and shifted my focus to what IS available, new possibilities revealed themselves.

As I continuously lean into BEING, HEARING & FEELING, the next steps show up.

It FEELS right and my body and mind are calm, more than they’ve ever been before. And I still get a ton done – without rushing or putting pressure on myself – which FEELS so much better!

My days flow with greater ease and joy as I CHOOSE what to give my attention to as opposed to having to push myself through irritation and exhaustion to do what I thought needed to be done.

It’s time to integrate body, mind and connection to the unseen forces of the universe, to nest and prepare for what comes next.

It’s time to move into a new way of BEING and to access higher levels of health in every possible way.

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