Now, more than ever, it’s essential to be in control of your own health…

…to feel the safety and confidence that comes with a body that is strong and capable of handling immune challenges…

…and thriving in a complicated and uncertain world.

I don’t have to tell you that there’s a massive amount of fear, panic and overwhelm right now.

Your emotions and thoughts run wild at times and you’re feeling unsure…

…if the things that you do to take care of yourself are enough to minimize your risk of getting sick

…if the social distancing, hand washing and extra sanitizing are enough to stop the spread of the virus and protect you and your loved ones

…of what steps to take if you do get exposed or sick

…of how to deal with the difficulties of our current reality and keep your energy, health and hopes for the future intact

I’m seeing a lot of advice about how to boost immune function.

Most of it is well intended and solid advice.

And I’m really concerned that it falls short of providing the protection you need and want.


I’ve been witnessing a massive shift in how microbes like viruses are affecting my clinical nutrition clients.

I’m seeing disruptions in detoxification pathways such as the kidneys and the large intestine, which then creates a vulnerability to accumulate toxins.

More toxins in the body means your cells, tissues, organs, glands and systems can’t be as strong, healthy and optimized as they are meant to be.

And all of this creates a perfect breeding ground for microbes like viruses to thrive.

Elaine Gardner

My interest in health started as a young adult in an exercise physiology class in college which resulted in changing majors and earning my B.S. in Health Science.

At that point, I was already several years into a more than 2 decade struggle with my own health.

I dealt with a weak immune system, painful digestive problems, debilitating PMS, crazy muscle spasms, chronic pain, uncomfortable congestion, severe fatigue, crippling brain fog and more.

I followed a traditional path for a long time and continued to decline.

Then I made a commitment to myself – to figure out how to recover my health and have the strength and vitality to enjoy my life again.

I discovered bodywork, supplementation, healthy eating, non-toxic personal care and household cleaning products, examining and shifting my beliefs and so many other things I had never been exposed to before.

It changed my life in every conceivable way.

I’ve have the privilege of being a clinical nutritionist & holistic health educator since 2004.

Today I have the immense comfort of knowing my health will not only get me through this pandemic, and what ever else that might pop up, but that I can continue to thrive…

…to be of service

…to enjoy my family and friends

…to continue to expand my knowledge and skills and live my passion

…to keep dreaming and planning for an awesome future

And that’s exactly what I want for you!

The world is evolving. Microbes are getting “smarter” and a new approach to immunity is needed – to navigate these challenging times and be prepared for what comes next.

You want your body to be a place where microbes have difficulty making themselves at home.

The Immune Boosting Life Intensive

~ Designed by me, for you, to guide you into the “new immunity” needed to rise above the shifting threats to your health

~ Individual intensive to address your biggest concerns – a judgement free zone so you can feel safe, speak freely and discover where you are vulnerable

~ Cover the essentials of immune function in every day, easy to understand language

~ Receive customized recommendations you can begin implementing right away, targeted to your unique weak spots, to up-level your immunity and whole body health

“Elaine wants you to live your best life and be in control of having your body work as it’s made to do so. You can feel the passion she has for healthy living. I am so thankful for her!!!!!”  ~D.A.

Boost your immune system

Virtual Live

1:1 Meeting

Your intensive will be a virtual, 1:1 live meeting with me via Zoom so we see one another and chat face to face. Our meeting will go 2-3 hours, depending on your unique needs.

How to boost your immune system

Recording Delivered

To Your Inbox

I will record our intensive and email you the video and audio files so you can watch or listen to our session as many times as you’d like.

Boosting immunity

Email Follow-Up


I always think of something else I want to ask or clarify after I’ve had time to process any new information. So I’m including follow up access via email as additional support.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them and help you decide if The Immune Boosting Life Intensive is right for you.

It’s time to claim your power, take control of your health and thrive.



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