I used to live off carbs and sugar and couldn’t get through a day without cookies! But now, I crave arugula every day!


     Hey there, it’s Elaine and I want to talk to you about managing cravings and handling an excessive amount of sweets and treats at holiday time. I meant to make this video for you a couple weeks ago but I was having trouble with my phone so I apologize for that. But one of the things I want to share with you is that right after Thanksgiving weekend, I was so excited on Monday morning to go to the grocery store because I didn’t have any arugula in the house! I was just dying for some arugula. Now if you had said a year ago that I was going to crave and want arugula every day, I’d have said you were absolutely crazy.

     I used to be a total carboholic. I lived on pasta, and crackers, and granola bars, and cookies, which were my absolute favorite junk food. I had to have cookies every single day. If there weren’t cookies in the house, I was obsessing about where I could buy them. And when there were cookies in the house, I was obsessing about when I could eat them. True story! I understand the addictive nature of those types of things because I’ve been there.

     What I want you to know is that getting away from those foods has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Those foods all tasted really great, and sure, there are some healthier versions of those, but my body wasn’t feeling great when I was eating those things and I couldn’t break the addictive cycle that I was stuck in. Until I started flooding my body with nutrients, and I feel like that’s the key that a lot of people don’t talk about.

     There are lots of people who promote sugar-free and detoxes and things like that. And although those things can be super helpful, there’s a reason why your body is craving sugar and carbohydrates. It’s not usually because it needs those kinds of things, but because it’s missing something else. So if you give your body what it really wants and what it really needs to run properly, you can break those addictive patterns of craving carbohydrates and sugars. I know because I’ve done it.

     So, that’s where the arugula comes in. Now that my body is strong and healthy, and I’ve been eating well for a really long time, I can feel the difference in my body when I’m eating healthy food that’s loaded with nutrients. Those are the things that my body really wants. And those are the things that I crave now. So do I eat sugar and simple carbohydrates? Sometimes. But not on a regular basis because it’s not what I want to eat. It’s not what I crave. It’s not what feels good on a day to day basis for me.

     I consider myself very lucky because when I travel, or when there’s a holiday, I can eat those things at a minimum so I don’t wind up feeling terrible. I know how to choose things appropriately because I don’t crave and want unhealthy foods. So I’m not going to go to a holiday party and have 12 cookies, or a few alcoholic drinks and a piece of cake. I don’t need that level of sugar anymore. If I want something, I’m going to have it, but I’m usually going to have a much smaller quantity than what most people would go for.

     At Thanksgiving I made a chocolate cream pie for my family. All of the ingredients were organic, but I probably had a half or a third the size of a normal piece of pie. It tasted really good but that’s all I wanted. So that’s the beauty of having a body that’s in balance. Your body stops wanting an excessive amount of unhealthy foods. And then, like I said, I couldn’t wait to get to the store on Monday morning to get my arugula and get that in my body, because that’s what my body really wanted. That’s what breaks the addictive cycle that you can get stuck in after you’ve been to a holiday meal, or had a holiday weekend, or you’ve been traveling and eating things you don’t normally eat.

     So flood your body with nutrients. For me, that’s arugula every day. I had some today and might have some stuck in my teeth – who knows. I just crave it, I love it, it tastes so good. I didn’t even like arugula a year ago, so go figure! Sweet potatoes are another thing I crave all the time now. And high quality proteins. Another important factor that a lot of people are missing is good healthy fats. We’ve been taught to be paranoid about fats, that if we ate saturated fats it was going to cause heart disease or clog our arteries causing us to drop dead. But that’s not true. Our bodies actually require healthy fats.

     There’s a big difference between healthy and unhealthy fats, so I just want to make sure that message is clear. A lot of what we’ve been taught is unhealthy, is actually healthy. And vice versa, because many of the fats that we have available to us in plentiful amounts in our current food supply are very inflammatory and very unhealthy for us. So, grass-fed, organic butter, bacon from a local farm is an awesome source of high quality fat, olive oil (but that’s a bit tricky because a lot of olive oil these days is adulterated – it’s not 100% olive oil), avocados, and healthy meats that are raised properly have good amounts of fats. The opposite is true of animals that aren’t raised properly, the fats aren’t so healthy.

     So I hope just a few of these examples give you some idea about how to control your sugar cravings and your carbohydrate consumption over the holidays, and how to recover quickly when you do eat too many of those things. Think nutrient flooding, lots of vegetables, lots of high quality food, and choose your sweets with care. Drink lots of water too – that really helps. And minimize your intake of alcohol because if you combine sugars and alcohol together, you’re getting double sugars.

     As always, it’s my passion to serve you. I hope this helps you to manage the holiday season a lot better. I really want you to feel great every day. You deserve to have excellent personal health so that you can live the life that you deserve. Until next time…