The Bridge To Infinity Podcast with Elaine Gardner

Inspired discussions and personal stories that highlight the incredible potential of the human body as well as the vast, untapped power inherent in connecting to the vibrations that surround us.

The Bridge To Infinity Podcast with Elaine Gardner

Interviews with health and wellness experts from around the world, highlighting their powerful journeys to heal, overcome, and create happy, meaningful, authentic and successful lives.


Season 1, Episode #001: 

“A Must Hear Story That Highlights How Powerful Your Body Is”

With Ron Michael

Season 1, Episode #002:

“An Incredible Transformation from Hyper Responsible to Aligned, Healthy, Empowered & in Service”

With Victoria Whitfield

Season 1, Episode #003:

“A Powerful Journey Through Mental Illness, Incredible Loss, Survival, Healing & Finding Herself”

With Lira Kay

Season 1, Episode #004: 

“Important Details to Be Aware of About the Food You Eat & How to Find High-Quality Beef”

With Ridge Shinn

Season 1, Episode #005:

“When You’re Willing to Explore What Resonates With You, There Are Incredible Resources Available to You”

With Emily Waymire

Season 1, Episode #006:

“Improving Bodily & Financial Immunity to Weather Tough Times With Ease

With Krisstina Wise

Season 1, Episode #007: 

“The Blessing of Strong Immunity From Choosing to Continue a Healthy, Non-Traditional Lifestyle”

With Camille Wilcox

Season 1, Episode #008:

“Tools for Staying Calm, Keeping Your Immune System Strong & Envisioning a Bright Future”

With Stephanie Peirucci

Season 1, Episode #010: 

“Getting to the Root Cause Is Life Altering, No Matter What Your Concerns or Blocks Are”

With Marina Brooks

Season 2, Episode #001:

“Embracing a Congenital “Weakness” as a Gift”

With Khadaura Celesteal

Season 2, Episode #002:

“Being Fully Expressed”

With Summer Astrea

Season 2, Episode #003:

“Unearthing Personal Gifts”

With Kristen Stefiuk

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Apply to be a guest on The Bridge To Infinity show.