What is the first thing that pops into your head when I say “primary home”? The most likely response would be the house or apartment where you live. Perhaps you own more than one home, but the one where you live most of the year is what is legally defined as your primary home. But I would like to you to consider that your real primary home is your body. Without a body, there would be no need or ability to own or rent any type of dwelling.

 We tend to take our bodies for granted so it might seem silly to speak of them in this way. But I think we can all agree that we cannot exist at all without our bodies. I want to inspire you to make caring for your primary home, your incredible body, the top priority in your life. And here’s why…

Have you looked around lately and seen how many people are suffering from ill health, of a myriad of physical symptoms, depression and other mood challenges, as well as an overall lack of vitality? How many people do you know who have a chronic illness or never feel well? How many people have you seen lose their livelihood or even their lives to disease? Everyone seems to think this is “normal” or just the way things are, but this is not how our bodies are designed to operate. Our bodies are in a constant state of breakdown and repair, and they are always trying to function optimally.

Your body depends on you to provide everything it needs. When you fall short, your body will suffer. But it’s incredibly resilient and will do its best for you even when you are bombarding it with toxins from food, personal care products, household cleaning products, environmental toxins, and creating an unhealthy internal environment by being overly stressed, inactive and unhappy. It can handle a lot, but it can’t do it forever! You will eventually face the consequences of your lack of attention and care and/or your outright abuse of your body.

You have many chances to get this right, but why wait? I hope you will put your health at the very top of your priority list in 2018. Not every day will be, or needs to be, perfect. But your body needs you, and you need your body, so it’s time to get into action and step up your self-care! 

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