Two weeks ago, I shared a detailed update on a lot of challenging things that have been going on for me in the last 5 years. If you missed that post you can find it here.

I mentioned my clinical findings, that whatever has been going on in the world since late December of 2019 has truly altered the healing responses I see in my holistic health practice. It’s been undeniable, affecting every single one of my dozens of private clients, regardless of their health concerns or how far along they were on their own healing journey.

I shared that I’ve learned a tremendous amount of new information, was given access to some extra sensory gifts I did not know I had, needed a lot of support to navigate it all, and added to my emotional healing toolbox in amazing ways that are deeply serving me every day now. There’s no way I would be healing and expanding the way I have been without these tools.

I could have easily been crushed by the circumstances of my personal life and what was happening around me in the world, as I have been in the past. The knowledge I’ve gained, and the techniques I’ve been using, have helped me with ALL OF IT.

One of the very first things I learned, when my marriage was falling apart and I was an emotional mess, is NOT to judge myself for my own feelings!

I had an overwhelming amount and variety of emotions spinning inside me that my husband did not want to hear. I tried expressing myself many times and he was just not able to make himself available for any of it.

“What kind of person thinks about leaving their marriage when their partner has suffered a significant health issue?” was one of the strongest personal judgements I had at that time. Heaping that on top of the emotional pain made it all even harder to sort through.

I was spinning out of control. And I desperately needed help.

I used ALL the tools I already had at my disposal. And I found the additional support I needed by following the breadcrumbs the universe laid out in front of me.

I’ve learned SO much along the way! The life-changing concepts I’d like to share with you today are:

  • Emotion is energy in motion, or a way to process the many complexities of life.
  • ALL emotions are valid.
  • Emotions DO NOT mean anything about what kind of person you are!

You can feel angry, hurt, spiteful, revengeful and more, without being a bad person.

You can be wounded, traumatized, terrified and more, without being a weak person.

You can feel vindictive and full of rage, without being a selfish or dangerous person.

It is what you do about your emotions that matters.

FEELING them, and allowing yourself to heal, is essential and necessary to create and expand a healthy relationship with yourself. Everything else in your life is affected by your relationship with yourself, so it’s absolutely worth your attention.

It’s NOT fun to FEEL grief, anger, sadness, disappointment, rage, doubt, heartbreak, betrayal, fear, etc.

But, not FEELING these emotions pushes them into your body and creates a big mess in there, dimming your ability to be true to yourself and create a life of meaning, one that you can FEEL and appreciate deeply in every possible way.

When you allow yourself to be okay with your discomfort, the energy of the uncomfortable emotions moves much more quickly.

When you learn to allow uncomfortable emotions to flow and heal, your capacity to experience and appreciate emotions that FEEL good increases exponentially!!

These are skills that need to be learned and practiced.

As you lean into them, your energetic “signature” shifts so that you magnetically draw more of the GOOD stuff into your life.

And there’s more happy news – your personal healing supports ALL LIVING THINGS!

What you do for yourself reverberates off of your body, out into the collective container and contributes to the changes in the world that we all know are needed.

So, I invite you now to sit with yourself for a few minutes and get in touch with what you are feeling. I encourage you to write it down. And then imagine that someone you love deeply is relating this all to you and sharing what they are feeling, instead of it coming from you. What would you say to them?

Write it down. And then say it out loud to yourself, as if you are talking to another person.

Allow your own words to be directed in love at you! BE-ing your own best friend, and learning to adjust your self-talk to kindness, encouragement, understanding and support is one powerful tool to begin navigating and healing uncomfortable emotions.

AND it helps you develop a deeper relationship with your body, which then makes moving the energy of your emotions easier!

Be patient and kind. It all starts with a willingness to try. You’re worth it! And I believe in you.

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