You are a being of light & love,

overflowing with unique skills,

talents & superpowers.

When I was young, I was uncertain about what I wanted in my life, what I was good at, or what made me happy. I had been fully pulled into the expectations of society and was very disconnected from the truth of who I really was.

For many years, the only thing I was crystal clear about was a deep desire to have children. Bringing two beautiful beings into this world brought focus to my life.

But I was so miserably uncomfortable and unhealthy that I couldn’t be the mom I envisioned, or enjoy my kids in the way that I wanted to. My heart was breaking.

I wanted to travel, be active and engage in fun activities with my kids. I yearned for deep connection and to see them for the unique people that they are. And I wanted to encourage them to follow their interests and discover their own gifts and talents.

I wanted them to see all the possibilities and beauty of life, to have confidence, clarity and joy in who they are and what catches their interest.

How to boost your immune system

I was so miserably unhealthy that I could barely stay awake, let alone concentrate, think clearly and be consistently loving and engaged.

So, I made a commitment to figure out how to reclaim my health.

My B.S. in Health Science was a powerful foundation.

I devoted hundreds of hours to advanced coursework and private study. This provided the additional knowledge and confidence I needed to continue putting one foot in front of the other as I navigated my healing journey.

I experimented with all kinds of bodywork such as chiropractic, massage, craniosacral therapy and myofascial release.

And I worked with holistic practitioners that designed healing supplementation programs to ease my digestive distress and move my body into healing mode.

Each level of health I achieved drove me to commit to accessing an even higher level.

As my physical issues improved, I started to realize the critical role of emotional, mental and spiritual health as individual aspects of my overall health, as well as how they affect the body in a very physical way.

I dove into learning all I could in this area and used techniques such as EFT and Emotion Code, along with lots of self-examination.

My health skyrocketed, and so did my happiness and satisfaction with my life!

I realized how my own choices were contributing to my misery. I was determined to live in a way that would continue to move my health forward and keep me from ever slipping back into the mess I had been in.

How to boost your immune system

I completely overhauled my diet and lifestyle, removing toxins from my food, personal care and household cleaning products, and from my work and home environments.

Along the way, I paid close attention to what was and wasn’t working and tweaked my treatments and my lifestyle to find the sweet spot that allowed me to continue making progress and improving how I felt and functioned.

And it worked!

I recovered from:

• Anxiety
• Brain fog
• Constant pain
• Crazy, painful muscle spasms
• Debilitating fatigue
• Insomnia
• Intestinal distress & reflux (getting off a med as I recovered)
• Tingling & numbness in my right arm

I expanded in all of these areas for many years. I opened a
private practice in 2004 to help others experience the same
incredible benefits of holistic healing. It’s been a fascinating and deeply satisfying journey that I am incredibly grateful for.

And then came 2020. Initially, I was very stressed figuring out how to continue to serve my clients and support myself amidst all the non-essential business shut down orders.

The ability to offer virtual sessions saved the day! And within this transition I quickly realized that my intuition skyrocketed.

I was able to pick up additional issues that were affecting people such as muscle tightness, air quality issues in homes, pets that were not feeling well and more.

Several months later, even more skills took me by complete surprise. I can now “see” the energy fields around the human body, receive instructions from The Cosmos and customize each person’s path to activate the incredibly untapped potential of the universal energy available.

This provides another powerful tool to bring the body into harmony and activate the “magical” gifts, skills and talents each of us came into the world with.

It allows for beautiful alignment, massive expansion and the ability to access even greater levels of health, happiness, and contribution in full alignment with our magnificent planet and all living things.