Love Notes

Love Notes

“I have worked with Elaine for over 2 years, and been amazed and impressed with her commitment to be of highest service to her clients. Her willingness to push her own comfort zone serves as an example for her clients to do the same, and every time I talk with Elaine, she shows up 100%, fully present, and focused on creating awesome results…always with an open heart and a smile on her face. She is warm, committed, playful, and really knows how to use her expertise for positive outcomes. She continually invests in herself as a business owner, so she can be the best leader possible…her clients are so lucky to have her! It’s clear that Elaine loves her business and will continue to set an example for others of what it means to do meaningful work that you love. I highly recommend working with Elaine!”

Niki Rubinger

Founder & Designer, Chloelle Design

“Elaine is clearly knowledgeable about what she does, and is a deeply compassionate, caring person. I am so glad to have her support.”


“My experience with Elaine was outstanding. She was able to break down complicated concepts to make them understandable.”


“Elaine has helped me in so many ways over the years. She is truly amazing and I highly recommend her!”


“Elaine’s work is exceptional and I give her my highest recommendation!!!”


“Elaine knows her stuff. She is a true healer.”


“My energy session with Elaine was incredible! She was able to help me see things that were just outside my reach and offer me insight into how my emotions were being affected by my energy field. I’m so thankful for her beautiful heart and talent!”
Dr. Michelle Dunn

Founder, Dr. Lady Babe

“Working with Elaine was one of the most transcendental experiences I have ever had. Her precision, energetic reading, and ability to hold space is an absolute gift. I felt so safe to release and talk about what is going on in my life and soul experience. I feel as though my energy field has immediately boosted in congruence, vibration, and frequency. I was able to release on a physical, emotional, and energetic level all at once with her guidance. She zeroed in on areas that needed attention so quickly, I am mind-blown. I recommend her services to you, she is a multi-dimensional healer with EXTREME precision and power. Her connection with her spirit guides and her confidence to speak intuitively is like nothing I have ever seen in my life. I work with energy daily and have had many encounters with energy healing, Elaine is truly one of a kind, one in 8 billion.”
Cat Kent

Founder, Super 47

“I had a wonderful appointment with Elaine after returning to her in her new format. Ah, so comforting and profound. Can’t wait until I see her again.”
Maia Wentrup