We’ve all met someone over the years of our lives that we admire and aspire to be like. Whether it’s the way they look or dress, or their dazzling personality, it’s far too easy to admire another’s perceived advantages and think less of ourselves by comparison. I know I’ve done this more times than I’d like to admit, and it always undermines my confidence and makes me second guess my own strengths and skills.

While I discovered years ago that I am a quieter, more introverted type, it wasn’t until recently that I developed enough knowledge about my particular inner workings to really understand how to delight in and be more respectful and supportive of my own true nature. This new understanding helps me navigate myself more successfully in all of my life’s activities. It helps me be more protective of my physical and emotional health, be more mindful about my own self care, pursue work projects in a more joyous, patient way and navigate my professional and personal relationships with greater ease.

In the fall, a colleague introduced me to the work of Carol Tuttle. It quickly resonated with me and I’ve been on a journey of deeper self-discovery through her offerings. In her book, It’s Just My Nature!, Carol says, “The truth is, at your very core, you express a unique, natural energy that influences how you approach new experiences, relate to people, manage challenges, and move through life in general. The truth is, your life runs better in every way when you understand your inner nature and live true to it, rather than fight against it.”

We are all born true to our own nature and each of us is unique in the way we express ourselves. Sadly, our true nature often becomes disrupted as we move through life and receive messages from outside of ourselves. Sometimes these “corrections” are well intended by people who love us and want the best for us. Regardless of the intention or delivery of these messages, anything that we take to heart can dramatically sway us to become something different than we are.

It’s Just My Nature! also states, “When any of us attempt to operate outside of our own natural movement, our lives go out of balance and things start to go wrong. Frustrations that we chalk up to circumstance or bad luck can often be explained and resolved by identifying how we live contrary to our true natures. If you currently experience a challenge in a certain area of your life, consider the possibility that you are fighting against your true nature in those scenarios.”

I strongly encourage you to pick up one of Carol’s books. It’s Just My Nature! is the only one I’ve read to date, but she has several others that sound interesting as well. I’ve also purchased her “Dressing Your Truth” course, which is phenomenal! It’s very reasonably priced and I feel like it’s already saved me money at the store when I purchase clothing. I am much more clear and confident about what I am looking for and make a lot less mistakes in my purchases! And I am learning to dress more and more to my true nature, which makes me feel more confident and put together.

Understanding and honoring your true nature, and designing your life to support who you truly are is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself. Being true to yourself aligns perfectly with any other choices you make towards a healthy lifestyle! You are unique, you are beautiful and you are meant to live an amazing life as the truest, happiest, healthiest version of yourself!!