Computers, email and social media have changed the world. With any change comes the need to examine what is right for you and how to use it to enhance your life.


It’s easy to get stuck on your computer or phone while trying to get stuff done. Email, text messages and social media posts make you feel like you’re staying in touch. But that can also be very isolating and rob you of the connection you need to thrive. Having some distance between unpleasant inquiries, tech support, and a family member who gets on your nerves, can be a good thing.


The topic of connection is coming up over and over again in recent weeks via podcasts I listen to, business teachings & trainings I immerse myself in, and conversations with friends and colleagues. It seems that more and more people are feeling the disconnect that communication through electronic devices can cause. And they’re anxious to get back to authentic relationship building.


I encourage you to consider if you are missing out on the joy of seeing people face to face, or the blessings of hugs and affectionate gestures. There is a magic and flow that happens when you’re spending time with people who get you. Sharing of yourself and your life experiences is greatly enhanced when you have the right people by your side. 


Healthy relationships and authentic connection enhance your health in myriad ways even beyond bringing joy, affection and enhanced life experiences into your world. Your body’s release of neurotransmitters (or feel good brain chemicals) that help you feel happy, safe and calm are supported along with healthy hormone, immune, digestion and whole-body function.


And that’s why your ability to create positive connections is SO important to me. You know I want you to have the amazing health you need to live the life you desire. And it truly can’t be done optimally without wonderful people in your life.


Our survival once depended on cooperation and group effort. Early humans were limited to the group they were born into, or had minimal ability to change tribes based on physical locations.


Now we can choose who we hang out with, confide in and travel this magical, messy journey of life with. And we have the ability to stay connected with social media and wonderful tools like video conferencing, so we have the best of both worlds to take advantage of.


Healthy relationships require effort. Nurturing and deepening your relationships with people who have your back is worthy of your time and efforts.


Allowing space for amazing relationships can shift your health and every aspect of your life.