There’s been so much going on for me the past two months, mostly in my “inner world”. In order to allow for some major shifts, I’ve had to lean in and allow more space for my mind and my body to process and catch up. I’ve chosen to be very conscious, slow down, rest more and respect what I feel I need to process, expand and prepare.

I’m grateful that I know how to eat really well and lead a high-quality, non-toxic lifestyle. The support that provides is priceless.

This time of the year also requires more of my attention to maintain my health. Everyone’s body uses a lot of energy to adjust to changes in temperature and light. My body is not particularly happy when the warm weather subsides. I’m always more tired in the fall and can easily get run down and sick if I’m not mindful of my schedule and what I give my attention to.

It’s one of the many reasons why I plan ahead for the holidays. Thanksgiving is two weeks away and Christmas is in six weeks. I spread my preparations out over the months of November and December so that things flow easily and I have time to enjoy friends, family and holiday events. I’m purchasing gifts, have my menus planned (they stay the same from year to year) and some fun stuff on my calendar. We have tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra this weekend to kick things off. If you’ve never heard them, here’s a link to my favorite song.

I’ve been enjoying the interviews I’ve had the privilege to conduct and share with you. Ron Michael and I discussed his amazing healing story and the incredible power of our body’s ability to heal, even from things we’re told aren’t fixable. Lira Kay and I dove into mental health, addiction, how that affects the people we love, and the power of healing. There will be many more interviews to come. I really enjoy doing them and believe the information being shared is incredibly powerful.

If there’s something you’re interested in hearing about, please let me know in the comments below. I’d be happy to connect with an expert that can highlight what is most important to you. If you have something you feel would be a valuable contribution to this community, please share it with me.

I had so much fun being interviewed by the lovely, bubbly, Victoria Whitfield. We talked about our complicated food supply, the need to customize what you eat and how health is an integral piece to everything else in our lives. You can access our conversation here.

I’m SO excited to share that I’ll be rolling out a new program on January 1st. It will be the physical presentation of the massive shifts and realignment that have been happening in me. It will integrate my previous food course and expand into all areas of health, at a much lower price point, which I hope will make it more accessible.

I’ll have all kinds of surprises with it. In a few short weeks I’ll start testing out something really special that I think you’ll love, with the intention of having that ready to share along with the new program on 1/1/20.  

I’ll keep you posted as it all unfolds.