Many of my friends, clients and colleagues have faced health challenges. Most of us experienced a combination of physical and mental symptoms, along with the difficulty of wading through treatments and recommendations, before finding the magical, customized path to healing and freedom.

The common thread I’m finding in all of these stories is a deep inner knowing that the despair and pain of poor health is NOT the destiny intended for us. Those who make the commitment to find wellness are deeply rewarded. Those who settle, miss out on the many transformative options available today.

Like me, Marina Brooks was unwilling to settle. Depression, and a lackluster response to traditional approaches, led her to discover Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It became her healing solution and led her to a beautiful relationship with her now husband, as well as a career that enables her to share the beauty of healing and expansive personal growth.

I hope you enjoy hearing Marina’s story as much as I did.

Click below to watch the live interview or listen to the podcast:

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