It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a movie theater, but I was horrified the last time I went. I can’t believe the junk that people purchase and eat at a theater! And it costs so much money, I truly can’t understand why people choose to purchase anything there at all. I go for the experience of seeing a movie on a big screen with great sound, not the icky food!

Buying junk food at a theater is just one of many unhealthy choices I’ve witnessed. Many people live their day to day lives bombarding their bodies with junk food and other atrocities that interfere with their health. Many others reserve this type of behavior for celebrations and holidays. I’m all for the occasional indulgence in a decadent desert or tasty cocktail. But I would prefer to have traditions and celebrations that leave me feeling uplifted and healthy.

If your celebrations and traditions are overrun with unhealthy options, isn’t it time for a change? Food is an important area to focus on, but it’s not the only thing you can switch up to bring healthier options into your life.

My husband and I have some healthy weekly traditions we truly look forward to. We have a designated “rub night” once a week where we exchange back rubs. We started this tradition many years ago and rarely miss our weekly ritual.

We also have a big breakfast almost every Sunday. My husband typically wakes before I do, and has the patience to attend lovingly to bacon in a way that I don’t. So he gets the bacon started (organic and nitrate free, of course), and I wake up to the delicious smell of him cooking! Then I get hash browns started and make scrambled eggs for both of us. I get his toast going and pour small glasses of orange juice for both of us. Everything we prepare is organic and free of unhealthy oils, added sugars, etc. We sit down together and enjoy a leisurely, tasty, healthy breakfast.

I am very fortunate that my family gatherings and holidays start with healthy food. There is always plenty of deserts available as well, but it’s now easy for me to choose a small portion of something I really want and to walk away from everything else. I used to be addicted to carbohydrates and sugar in particular, so I am fully aware of how appealing they can be. I am so incredibly grateful that my body now craves healthy food instead of those foods that were undermining my health.

Healthy traditions and celebrations can highlight the best parts of your life and give you something to always look forward to! Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, and a great time to try something new!!