I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on immune function and support lately. I truly want the best for you, and I’d love to see you be actively taking excellent care of yourself. A strong and healthy body is almost always your best defense against health issues. But we all get sick, so I want you to have some easy tools to help manage your symptoms when the inevitable crops up. And this is the time of year when we typically need to be prepared for immune challenges!

When I’m coming down with something, I want safe, easy and effective tools to make myself more comfortable and encourage my immune system to do its job as quickly as possible. Boiron homeopathic products have been on my list of favorites for years, and are something I always aim to have on hand. When I start to feel a cold, flu or cough coming on, especially during busy weeks, I rely on Boiron products to give my immune system an additional boost and soothe any discomfort I am experiencing.

Chestal cough syrup, Oscillococcinum tablets for flu symptoms and Cold Calm tablets for cold symptoms are my three most tried and true favorites. I find them easy to use, pleasant tasting and effective. They enhance my self-care as I always aim to get plenty of sleep, downtime, healthy food and clean water. I don’t expect any product to be a miracle solution that can make up for neglecting my self-care!

Even though my children are big now, there was no coercion or special tactics needed to administer these remedies to them at any age. The tablets and pellets in Oscillococcinum and Cold Calm easily dissolve under the tongue and are mildly sweet. And the cough syrup is honey based and pleasant tasting. Not having to struggle to administer support to a sick child is a godsend!

I check my stock of these items in the fall and order more as needed. While you may be able to find these products in local stores, I typically order them online. Check the Boiron website to find a store near you and to see if they have available coupons. Vitacost and Amazon appear to have similar pricing right now.

Boiron has a whole range of products, so if my tried and true favorites do not meet your typical needs, I encourage you to browse their selection and see if they have something more in line with what challenges you most frequently. Having simple tools on hand to support your body during an immune challenge can make a huge difference in managing your symptoms so you can be more comfortable and recover faster to boot! 

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