Creating ease in your own body raises the collective vibration, which helps everyone. A body at ease helps create ease in others, expanding the ripples of positivity that are so desperately needed in a time of great discomfort.

I go into each new year with great hope that the knowledge and experience I’ve gained will play out in beautiful ways, that the unfolding of my life and the effort I put into becoming the best possible version of myself will come into full bloom.

What I have seen and felt this year is anything but.

And I’ve been deeply concerned by the ways it may affect your physical, mental and emotional health.

Thoughts, emotions, beliefs, reactions, judgement, and the energetic “space” of our combined surroundings are felt and responded to in the physical body, whether or not you are consciously aware of it.

Chemical responses are triggered that affect the function of every cell, tissue, gland and organ.

Stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, flood the body with chemical messages that activate blood flow and muscle activity so you can “run for your life”. Digestion, detoxification and logical, conscious thought are suppressed, as these are not “essential” functions in an immediate response to a threat, regardless of whether it’s real or perceived.

As a collective society, we were already in a prolonged stress response – unhealthy food options, pollutants in our environment, financial struggles, the requirements of schools and workplaces for compliance with expectations and rules that bring people out of alignment with their own values and sense of integrity, and so much more.

And now we have a massively heightened sense of fear and uncertainty around a virus that is not well understood. Regulations and political policies are creating even more harm with talks of forced vaccination, computer chips that monitor our every move, and other ideas that would further suspend our constitutional rights. Meanwhile racial injustices are creating even more fear and judgement.

Our bodies require our attention more than ever. We need movement, organic and nutrient dense food options like fruits, veggies and properly raised animal products, adequate hydration, and extra rest and sleep.

Equally important is our inner dialogue, self-awareness, self-exploration, open conversation and connection. And above all else, letting go of judgement.


It’s easy to see how judgement creates problems in the world. Police brutality based on the color of one’s skin is an obvious example.

But I deeply believe that it’s just as disruptive on an individual basis. For example, if you’ve been taught to believe that certain people are better than others, or developed judgements about all (fill in the blank – women, men, white people, people of color, certain religions, rich people, poor people, etc.) based on your experiences, those beliefs are “boxing” you in and holding you back from being the freest, truest version of yourself.

Unless you feel completely aligned with your own beliefs, your nervous system is running “programs” and releasing chemicals that keep you from moving into a placing of peace and harmony in your own body.

Beliefs can be hard to access, as they are often outside of our conscious awareness. But when you commit to being empowered and discovering your authentic self, you’ll gain access to a beautiful unfolding of what’s hiding within.

Thoughts and feelings flow from beliefs. Creating space to think and feel is powerful. It can be painful, and it can’t be rushed! It recently took me 18 months to think, feel and process through a deep disruption in my life to discover and find peace with what I want.

Reach out for support when you need to process and talk things through. If you feel stuck, there are lots of modalities that can help. I have discovered that I can typically process grief and sadness on my own and/or with the help of trusted friends. But anger is something I have yet to be able to handle without additional support.

If you don’t have anyone that you feel safe expressing your deepest truths with, let me know. I’d be happy to connect and hold space for you to speak freely, so you can be free to move on to the next step in your own evolutionary process.

I find great comfort in knowing that there is often a breakdown before a big breakthrough. The chaos is likely to amplify before we dismantle what needs to go, creating space for what will hopefully be a much brighter future.

It’s important enough to repeat: Creating ease in your own body raises the collective vibration, which helps everyone. A body at ease helps create ease in others, expanding the ripples of positivity that are so desperately needed in a time of great discomfort.

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