In December of 2000, after struggling with my health for more than two decades, I made a commitment to figure out how to end my misery and get healthy.

My youngest son was less than a year old and with two small kids, a part time job with big responsibilities, and a home to care for, I was not attending to my own self-care.

I had crazy muscle spasms and couldn’t get comfortable in bed. Sleeping was difficult, so first, I purchased a new mattress.

Next, having been an athlete for many years, it was natural that my mind defaulted to adding exercise. So when a new Pilates studio opened up in my neighborhood, I signed up for a weekly class. I shared my struggles with my instructor and she recommended a practitioner a few towns away.

I was more than willing to try anything non-invasive and did not hesitate to schedule a visit, even though I really had no idea what they did. I had a whole-body evaluation, learned which of my organs and glands were not working as well as they could be, and was given a recommended supplementation schedule and follow-up visits.

My symptoms began to ease right away, and my love affair with nutritional supplements was launched. Taking supplements was simple, cost effective and non-invasive. And it was working!

As my knowledge of holistic healing deepened, I was completely shocked and horrified to uncover the truth about supplements!

Many of the products that had started my healing path were synthetic – made in a lab from non-food ingredients, often sourced from such unsavory ingredients as petroleum byproducts and genetically modified corn. Others were made from inflammatory and genetically modified oils such as soy and corn.

There is no denying that they helped me, at least temporarily. But as I sought to understand supplements, I came across a few companies that do things differently, sourcing their ingredients from food or other organic matter whenever possible.

These products became my personal favorites. They allowed me to break through a plateau I had reached. And when I started my own practice, I saw the incredible healing they provided my clients.  

They also provided the immense comfort that I could continue to heal, without exposing myself to ingredients that wouldn’t serve me long term.

Because the products I use are only available through practitioners, I kept searching for something that anyone could buy, that I could feel confident recommending. I always want an option to share when it comes up in conversation outside of my practice.

I’ve been incredibly disappointed that there are so many inferior products. And these are the most widely available options; most stores’ shelves are loaded with them.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen a few companies pop up that have caught my attention. I am beyond pleased to see that there are now several with high-quality products that I’m excited about!

One of the companies I’ve been thrilled to learn more about is Upgraded Formulas. I had the pleasure of interviewing their founder, Barton Scott. If you’d like to hear what he has to say, and how Upgraded Formulas’ products are different, you can watch the live interview or listen to the podcast episode below:

I’ve tried two Upgraded Formulas products so far and they feel good in my body. I’ll continue exploring their mineral formulas personally and evaluating which high quality products provide my clients the best possible results.

If you’d like to try their products, use the code BARTON10 at checkout for a 10% discount. (I’m not an affiliate and will not receive any compensation if you purchase any products from them).

Throughout my years in private practice, I’ve had countless people ask me why they can’t get all the nutrients they need from food. I believe that is the design of nature. After all, humans survived for a long time on food alone. While there may be a few isolated tribes living today that can achieve excellent health without supplementing, for most of the world, it’s just not possible anymore. The reasons are complex (if you’d like me to cover the details, hit reply and let me know).

If you’re taking a supplement and aren’t familiar with the quality standards of that company, I can’t encourage you enough to take the time to understand whether you’re getting what you think you are, and if it’s providing the intended benefit.

Reach out to me anytime with any questions you have.

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