When You’re in the Mood for More Than Water…

When You’re in the Mood for More Than Water…

Dehydration can be a serious health concern, as human bodies require water to be healthy. Clean water is your best option for hydration, and no other beverage can truly replace it.

But if you’re like me, there will be times when you just don’t FEEL like drinking water only. 

That’s when I turn to caffeine-free herbal tea. 

I also keep a glass of water nearby and toggle between the two. That way I’m still working towards my daily quota of water and focusing on staying well-hydrated.

The herbal tea adds interest to my daily habits.

I often add a bit of local, raw honey for light sweetness, expanded complexity of flavor and the additional benefits that raw honey provides.

Some of my current favorites include Tipson Ashwagandha Mango, Traditional Medicinals Hibiscus, Stash Organics Very Berry and Rishi Blueberry Hibiscus. They are all organic, which is an important choice for reducing your exposure to the toxins used in conventional farming.

I’m really enjoying them iced during these hot and humid summer days. And when the weather cools, I will enjoy the warm comfort that comes from drinking them hot.

I also keep organic chamomile tea on hand, which I find very helpful when stress hits (I brought it to the hospital with me every day when my husband had his stroke in 2018).

So when you’re feeling bored of plain water, I highly encourage you to brew a cup of organic herbal tea. There are many different varieties to choose from, and it’s fun to experiment and find options to love!  

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You Can Choose to Look for Hidden Gems Within the Uncertainty

You Can Choose to Look for Hidden Gems Within the Uncertainty

The world looks and feels like a messy place this year.

And so many people are moving through this time with fear.

But what if what we’re seeing and experiencing is a clearing – a dismantling of old ways that weren’t working, making way for new and better things to rise?

Imagine discovering your dream property, a place that you had envisioned and searched for years to find. It’s overrun with dilapidated buildings and brush, and you’re just not sure you’re up to the task of clearing it all and implementing your vision.

But the place FEELS right. And you know deep inside you that it’s meant to be yours, that you are the one meant to reveal its beauty and live in the harmony and blessing of it all.

You trust your gut and begin.

Hidden gems reveal themselves. A stunning rosebush that was hidden behind a pile of rubble goes into full bloom once you pull the rotted boards away. A gorgeous stone path that was covered by weeds reveals itself as you work. You see your vision unfolding before your eyes and it FEELS amazing.

If you choose to, you can discover the hidden gems amidst the chaos and uncertainty of what is in front of us right now. 

“Things fall down and break apart, especially things that are built on rocky foundations or near emotional and mental fault lines. Destruction is a fact of life – none of us escape it. Things end, crumble, and disintegrate right in front of our eyes all throughout our lives. For whatever reason, you have forgotten that everything is temporary. Something in your life needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Its current construction no longer serves its purpose, and it is being destroyed. This is a good thing and necessary for something new to find its way into your life.”  -Mermaid Tarot

My biggest blessing has been choosing to follow the call to slow down and go within.

I’m letting go of old patterns that weren’t serving me. I’m accepting a call to shift to a softer, more feminine way of working. I’m pushing myself less and going with my gut and what feels right, even when my logical brain is chattering another story.

I’m spending more time reading and learning. I’m tackling projects bit by bit, as I feel called to. And not forcing myself to finish them, allowing myself to go back and pick them up again when it feels right.

I’m relying on intuition and faith more and more. I’m learning to hear when my body is saying no, and I am finding it easier to feel when it’s saying yes.

There’s more ease and flow and it FEELS good.

There is definitely resistance at times. Part of me hates that I don’t have a clear plan for what comes next, that I can’t plan the exciting trips that I want to take, that I’m not fully sure how I want to evolve my business.

I allow it all. And I let it move through me.

I’m honoring the process of the transition we are in. I’m listening to what I feel called to do to be ready to embrace the beautiful possibilities of what comes next.  

Change can create great discomfort. And it can be an incredible opportunity for growth. No matter what it looks like, you have the ability to choose what it means for you.

I invite you to choose yourself, to choose growth, expansion, flow and grace… and a perfect unfolding of the blank canvas that becomes available when old ways crumble.

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Addressing Emotional Distress in Difficult Times Is Essential to Your Health

Addressing Emotional Distress in Difficult Times Is Essential to Your Health

I’ve been out of touch without meaning to be.

The truth is, I’m having a hard time.

I’m not a huge fan of winter. The warmer months are when I feel my best; summer is my time to play! I plan outings of all kinds, spend a ton of time outdoors and have as much fun as possible.

With all the closures and restrictions this year, I’m feeling stifled and disappointed. I had three trips that got cancelled, one of them twice as it was originally rescheduled from April to July and then got moved again to 2021 just weeks before it was supposed to happen.

I’m in a funk. I’ve been feeling down and extremely concerned about what’s happening in the world.

AND I’m grateful – for my health, my family, having work that I love and being able to help people. I’m thankful to have a comfy, cozy home, for the wildlife right in my backyard, for the tasty, organic food in my fridge, a brand new non-toxic mattress and so much more.

We are dynamic creatures and are capable of feeling and expressing a wide variety of thoughts and emotions, many of which we’re programmed to believe are conflicting, bad or just flat out wrong.

This is such an incredible burden on our ability to be healthy!

Our emotions are incredibly impactful to our physical health. We are one – one body, one mind, one heart, one person. Every aspect of our life is interconnected and directly impacts every aspect of our health.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to support my mental and emotional health, which I hope will provide inspiration for you to honor, process and move through what may be coming up for you:

Allow: Feelings can bring significant discomfort. The more you allow yourself to feel, the faster the emotions will move through your body. This is something I continue to practice. The longer I’m intentional with it, the easier it becomes. This includes allowing yourself to be happy!

Suspend Judgement: When emotions pop up, judgement is often right behind. “If I feel this, then I must be bad/selfish/mean/vindictive”, etc. This is human thought assigning meaning to something that just is. When this happens, consider what you would say to the person you love most in the world if they were sharing their feelings with you, and say those things to yourself. Our self-talk is often the harshest, so practice being your own best friend and be kinder to yourself.

It took me a long time to even recognize my response as judgement, as it was my default. Now I recognize it much more readily and know that thoughts and emotions are just part of the human experience. I always get to choose how I react, which is much more empowering than creating judgement about what I think or feel.

Get it Out: Suppressing and judging thoughts and emotions often extends their duration and impact. Journaling, talking to someone who gets you, movement and professional support are all worthy considerations. Thankfully I have a few trusted friends I can speak very openly with. I’m finding that they are all feeling something similar. Their input and feedback validates what I’m feeling and lets me know I’m not alone.

If you don’t feel safe expressing your thoughts and feelings with someone in your life, journaling is another fantastic tool.

Some people use dance and music that mirrors what they are feeling to keep things moving. Movement helps keep everything in motion, even feelings. My morning walks are a time of reflection and processing. They are priceless! The technique is not what’s important – choosing what resonates and works for you is.

I also have a therapist that I work with who uses various holistic techniques to help me process anything I’m having trouble with on my own. What I’m perceiving as oppression in our current reality is activating old nervous system patterns of abuse and neglect, triggering helplessness, panic and fear. The work that I do with her releases stuck emotions from my past and reprograms my nervous system to create new, healthier responses.

Focus on the Good: As I move through my disappointment about what is not available to me this summer, I’m shifting my focus to what is. I love the beach, so I structure my schedule around one weekday at the beach every week. I typically put two days on hold, hoping that at least one of those days will be aligned with good weather.

I’m spending time with people I adore who aren’t afraid to be in close proximity, and I’m rethinking the ways we use the spaces in our home. I’m rearranging and organizing so that our home feels even more inviting than ever.

I’ve also been reading more and implementing financial tweaks and other lifestyle adjustments to keep enhancing the things I can.

Notice that I placed focus on the good last. If you try to bypass the other steps, you miss the benefits of feeling and processing that are vital to your well-being. Emotions can get stuck in the body in the same way that physical toxins can, and be just as detrimental.

If you are in crisis and are having a really hard time, medications for anxiety and such can also be amazing tools. They can bring the relief that is needed to allow you to focus on adding more holistic tools into your life and addressing deeper issues, which can take time.

There are physical imbalances that can also override your innate ability to address thoughts and emotions in a productive way. Your body has the ability to heal, when the right modalities are in place.

Everyone’s situation is different. It’s important to consider your body and your life as a whole, and to choose a path that’s right for your unique circumstances. If you have no idea where to start, please reach out and let me know.

You matter.

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Creating Ease & Space for Collective Shifting & Expansion

Creating Ease & Space for Collective Shifting & Expansion

Creating ease in your own body raises the collective vibration, which helps everyone. A body at ease helps create ease in others, expanding the ripples of positivity that are so desperately needed in a time of great discomfort.

I go into each new year with great hope that the knowledge and experience I’ve gained will play out in beautiful ways, that the unfolding of my life and the effort I put into becoming the best possible version of myself will come into full bloom.

What I have seen and felt this year is anything but.

And I’ve been deeply concerned by the ways it may affect your physical, mental and emotional health.

Thoughts, emotions, beliefs, reactions, judgement, and the energetic “space” of our combined surroundings are felt and responded to in the physical body, whether or not you are consciously aware of it.

Chemical responses are triggered that affect the function of every cell, tissue, gland and organ.

Stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, flood the body with chemical messages that activate blood flow and muscle activity so you can “run for your life”. Digestion, detoxification and logical, conscious thought are suppressed, as these are not “essential” functions in an immediate response to a threat, regardless of whether it’s real or perceived.

As a collective society, we were already in a prolonged stress response – unhealthy food options, pollutants in our environment, financial struggles, the requirements of schools and workplaces for compliance with expectations and rules that bring people out of alignment with their own values and sense of integrity, and so much more.

And now we have a massively heightened sense of fear and uncertainty around a virus that is not well understood. Regulations and political policies are creating even more harm with talks of forced vaccination, computer chips that monitor our every move, and other ideas that would further suspend our constitutional rights. Meanwhile racial injustices are creating even more fear and judgement.

Our bodies require our attention more than ever. We need movement, organic and nutrient dense food options like fruits, veggies and properly raised animal products, adequate hydration, and extra rest and sleep.

Equally important is our inner dialogue, self-awareness, self-exploration, open conversation and connection. And above all else, letting go of judgement.


It’s easy to see how judgement creates problems in the world. Police brutality based on the color of one’s skin is an obvious example.

But I deeply believe that it’s just as disruptive on an individual basis. For example, if you’ve been taught to believe that certain people are better than others, or developed judgements about all (fill in the blank – women, men, white people, people of color, certain religions, rich people, poor people, etc.) based on your experiences, those beliefs are “boxing” you in and holding you back from being the freest, truest version of yourself.

Unless you feel completely aligned with your own beliefs, your nervous system is running “programs” and releasing chemicals that keep you from moving into a placing of peace and harmony in your own body.

Beliefs can be hard to access, as they are often outside of our conscious awareness. But when you commit to being empowered and discovering your authentic self, you’ll gain access to a beautiful unfolding of what’s hiding within.

Thoughts and feelings flow from beliefs. Creating space to think and feel is powerful. It can be painful, and it can’t be rushed! It recently took me 18 months to think, feel and process through a deep disruption in my life to discover and find peace with what I want.

Reach out for support when you need to process and talk things through. If you feel stuck, there are lots of modalities that can help. I have discovered that I can typically process grief and sadness on my own and/or with the help of trusted friends. But anger is something I have yet to be able to handle without additional support.

If you don’t have anyone that you feel safe expressing your deepest truths with, let me know. I’d be happy to connect and hold space for you to speak freely, so you can be free to move on to the next step in your own evolutionary process.

I find great comfort in knowing that there is often a breakdown before a big breakthrough. The chaos is likely to amplify before we dismantle what needs to go, creating space for what will hopefully be a much brighter future.

It’s important enough to repeat: Creating ease in your own body raises the collective vibration, which helps everyone. A body at ease helps create ease in others, expanding the ripples of positivity that are so desperately needed in a time of great discomfort.

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The Season of Sun for Healing & New Beginnings

The Season of Sun for Healing & New Beginnings

I don’t remember my first introduction to card decks such as Tarot or Oracle cards. Even after I heard of them, it was many years before I understood what purpose they might serve in my life.

I now own three decks. My favorite is a Mermaid Tarot deck by Leeza Robertson, with illustrations by Julie Dillon. I spotted it this past fall at a local expo and couldn’t resist adding it to my collection.

I love pulling a card when I’m trying to come up with a solution, struggling to find meaning in something that’s happening in my life, or to end a great day.

I’d like to share a card I recently pulled with you:

“The sun gives life. It provides energy and warmth for things to grow and thrive. It is one of the key elements of creation along with water and oxygen, which in the shallow, warm waters of the sea are all abundance. Here are the perfect conditions for creation, an auspicious merging of energy provides the exact conditions you need to solve a problem, begin a relationship, or start a new project”.

The past few months have been filled with challenges.

But it’s now the season for the sun to shine brightly, creating space for healing, expansion and new beginnings.

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The Incredible Gift of Questioning Societal Constructs & Your Own Beliefs

The Incredible Gift of Questioning Societal Constructs & Your Own Beliefs

I was raised Catholic and came to believe that some of my thoughts and actions were selfish, shameful and flat out wrong.

I tried to force myself into the box of being a good Catholic girl, and win the approval of my parents and the church, and I wound up making myself miserable.

It wasn’t just the teachings of the church. The rules of family, school and my peers’ expectations also profoundly impacted me.

The result was a very confused and incredibly unhappy young adult with little to no sense of who I was as an individual, or what I really wanted for my own life.

All of this impacted my health dramatically, playing a significant role in the health struggles I experienced.

I didn’t even realize that people had different belief systems or thought differently!

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into understanding the trappings of my conscious and unconscious belief system, what meaning I created out of the experiences I had, as well as reprogramming my nervous system, my body, my beliefs and my life choices to uncover and free “the real me”.

Our right to think for ourselves, to consider whether the status quo is serving us, and move about freely is under attack, all in the context of protecting us from the “enemy” that can result in COVID-19.

I’m not asking or expecting you to agree with my beliefs or choices, however, I can’t encourage you enough to question what you hear, read or currently believe to be true. In relation to what’s unfolding now, and everything else in your life (but not all at once!).

My goal is always to inspire you to take excellent care of yourself so that you can live life on your own terms, with great health and happiness.

You may find, as I have more times than I can count, that my beliefs often differ from “the norm”.

I’m currently having a really hard time with the order to wear a mask and all the sanitation efforts in place.


I want to believe they have been imposed with everyone’s safety in mind. But I question the effectiveness of wearing a mask and have seen research that shows it can be not only ineffective, but harmful.

Depending on what is being worn, there could be chemicals that are being inhaled. And one scientific review I read shows it reduces the availability of oxygen. The implications of that for healthy people are likely small, particularly when a mask is only worn for a short period of time. But for someone with compromised health, it could speed up the disease process. For example, cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment.

What chemicals are being used for sanitation? Chemicals can easily be inhaled and/or absorbed into the body and can lead to all kinds of health concerns, particularly over time as they overwhelm the body’s built-in detoxification pathways and accumulate in bodily tissues. We are already exposed to more chemicals than ever before, so this is an added assault with unknown consequences.

Since I don’t agree with the mask requirement, it feels out of integrity for me to wear one. I’m limiting my time in any situation where I’m forced to wear one, so that I can be aligned with my own beliefs as often as possible.

Honestly, it feels very vulnerable and risky sharing this. I’ve definitely been afraid of being called out in public for not wearing a mask before the mandatory order went into effect. And I’m definitely concerned about pissing people off by sharing my opinion. I’m a sensitive soul and have not yet learned how NOT to care what other people think (I’m working on it).

I do know that the more I consider my own beliefs and make choices that feel aligned for me, the more my health and my life expand.

And that’s what I always want for you, which is why I’m moving through my own discomfort and sharing this with you.

There are many books, techniques and trainings that have supported my curiosity and growth. Two resources I’m currently enjoying are the books, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, and The Mentor in the Mirror Podcast, hosted by my dear friends Kole and Tah Whitty.

My morning walks also provide me with time to think and explore my own thoughts. I’ve been leaning into slower and simpler, whenever possible, to create space for more reflection and expansion.

My greatest hope is that, this uncertain time that has been a big shift in so many ways, will result in a positive expansion that is truly for the greater good.

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