For years I’ve complained about winter and have been adamant that I am not a fan. 

And yet this morning, I had the most glorious walk. There were several inches of fresh snow and it’s still clinging to the trees. The scenery is breathtaking!

My walk took longer than usual, because the beauty of it all kept stopping me in my tracks. I had to keep taking my phone out to capture it on camera.

It got me thinking that perhaps I can shift my perspective, create a healthier mindset for myself and have a more enjoyable winter season.

For me, the length of winter has been my biggest challenge. Here in the Northeast, it just seems to go on forever.

And once I get cold, I have a hard time warming up.

It also drives me crazy when I’m too bundled up to move fully. That certainly creates a challenging combination.

It’s easy to get stuck, letting old beliefs govern your life. If I stick with my old mindset, winter will feel endless, annoying and draining.

Maybe you’ve decided that you’re too young, too old or not smart enough to:

  • Change careers
  • Have a job you love
  • Work for yourself 

Or that you’re stuck with a body that struggles with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Digestive issues
  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal problems
  • Or a whole host of other limiting scenarios

Perhaps you’re unhappy with your relationships and/or family life and feel powerless to create meaningful change.

My perspective on winter may seem trivial in contrast to this list but I’m never at my best this time of the year. And four to six months is a long time to wait to feel like I’m coming back to life, feeling great and living my best life.

And so, this year, I’m opening myself up to create a new experience with winter.

I desire to honor my need for more rest and feel more vibrant than I usually do this time of year.

I desire to continue enjoying the beauty of freshly fallen snow, of looking for animal tracks, of watching the birds at our feeder, and experiencing the joy that being outside and connecting to nature brings me.

I desire to honor my need to hibernate and also spend quality time with people I love, even when that means going out in the cold.

I desire to find the right clothes and boots that allow me to move freely and keep me warm.

And above all, I desire the continued health that being in harmony and at peace with my life brings with it.

I invite you to consider where you can shift your perspective, come into alignment with who you are, what you desire, and how honoring all of it can make your health soar.

Your thoughts, beliefs and choices release powerful chemicals within your body that have a profound effect on every aspect of your health.

Awareness is the first step.

Being open to a new reality and a shift in perspective creates space for new and wondrous things to show up, sometimes in the most unexpected and magical ways.

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