Amidst all the fear, misinformation, disruption and loss of personal freedom this year has brought, I’ve received many life-changing gifts.

As non-essential businesses in MA were required to shut down in the spring, I transitioned all my private client sessions to virtual. Much to my surprise, they were not only as effective as in-person sessions, but I quickly realized that my intuition was significantly enhanced. I was picking up things in people’s houses that were problematic, issues with pets that hadn’t been mentioned, and additional areas of the body that were seeking attention.

As the restrictions continued, I made the difficult decision to give up my office space. We rearranged our living spaces and I created a dedicated, beautiful home office filled with light and a growing collection of plants.

I spent a lot of time trying to make sense of everything that was happening, how it was affecting my clients and what I might be able to tweak to provide the best possible support.

And then one night in September, while on dinner break in between clients, I had a very clear message pop into my head: Get up, get a piece of paper and write this down.

What came through was a diagram of spheres of energetic fields that surround the human body. I had some understanding of the existence of such energetic fields prior to this, but I’d never thought much about it.

I then realized that I could “see” these energy fields, not literally with physical vision, but in my mind when I am energetically connected to someone, have their permission and close my eyes.

I’ve been guided to understand the meaning behind what I “see”. What is happening in each person’s energy fields is a guide to understand what’s out of alignment in their lives and what steps they can take to call in more ease, joy, purpose, alignment and vitality.

Sharing all of this openly with others and including it in my work with clients has been uncomfortable. Part of that is because it’s new to me.

My practice has always been based on physiology – the science of how the body works. I love helping people understand what’s going on in their bodies and how to improve their health.

It’s hard to explain concepts and abilities that can’t be seen, touched, tasted, smelled or heard! The science of Quantum Physics explains it all, which I’m just starting to comprehend.

Our societal constructs and programing around intuitive abilities and spiritual connection are muddled and divided, which makes people overthink and second guess their own resonance and curiosity.

My discomfort led me to get on a plane in October and attend a Biointegration retreat in Austin, TX with dear friends. There were amazing facilitators and other talented practitioners, some of whom are much more advanced in their intuitive and spiritual practices.

It helped tremendously, on so many levels, and I returned home much more prepared to embrace and implement my new gifts.

Since then, I’ve been reading voraciously and absorbing incredible amounts of information from books and other media.

I’ve come to believe that intuition and connection to the energy spheres that surround our individual bodies, as well as connection to The Universe, are how we used to live and what we are being called to remember and reinstate.

One book I devoured was a man’s journey to many different places in the world to activate energy fields around ancient sacred sites for global energy connection and healing. Everywhere he went, he was approached by people he’d never met who would say they knew why he was there and that they sought him out to help.

This demonstrated to me that there are cultures and individuals who have NOT lost their connection to intuition and the interconnectedness of all living things!

According to Barbara Hand Clow, author of Awakening the Planetary Mindset, “…when the planet is functional and healthy, people live in small bioregions and know how to use these forces to live in harmony with the land and maintain their freedom; they can’t be controlled.”1

“By taking the sacred sites and magical power from the people, the Elite extend these forces throughout their own interlocked systems for control and personal gain.”2

My guides have also been providing details about what is happening in The Universe and why it is affecting us so profoundly.

The Universe has been energetically shifting (which has happened many times in the past in different ways, and recorded in detail by our ancestors). Because we are all energetic beings at our core, this means that our bodies have to realign themselves and “upgrade” in order to come into alignment with the shift and possess the ability to thrive going forward.

This is hard work and takes time, so our bodies have been functioning at less than optimal levels as we’ve been moving through this shift.

Dysfunctional systems and outdated ideas are coming undone.

It can look and feel messy. But it’s creating room for new things to come in, for natural beauty to flourish, for humanity to REMEMBER that caring for our amazing bodies, each other and all living things, is how we create and experience “heaven on earth”.

And when we learn how to integrate our over-developed thinking practices with the “knowing” of our own intuition and choosing what feels right, our connection to the magic of The Universe is restored.

A Little Light by Andrew Newman

Once upon a time, there was a little light who intended to shine a rainbow so bright.

He had a little body.

It started to grow and learn all the things he needed to know.

His little body seemed perfectly equipped with eyes and ears and hands and legs joined at the hips.

But the bright light inside that intended to shine got clouded as he grew and was harder to find.

Hmm… he learned all the things he needed to know… some of them were wrong and blocked his flow.

The rainbow lost its colors.

The path of light went skew.

His perfect little body coughed and spluttered too.

So… they took him to the doctor to fix his broken bits.

It helped out a little, but soon returned in fits.

They took him to the therapist to fix his broken mind.

He poked around a little.

There was nothing broken to find.

They took him to the church to fix his broken soul.

They often looked at parts and forgot about the WHOLE.

They took him to a healer to see what she could find.

Thankfully, the doctor, church and therapist didn’t mind.

Working as a team seemed to do the trick.

The little light grew brighter.

He didn’t feel so sick.

These healers worked with love and balanced wholeness too, body, mind and soul considered to help the light shine through.


We have entered a new era, filled with expansive possibility, more than what has been available to us for a very long time.

Many will be unaware of the shift and continue on as before.

You must consciously choose, and say yes, if you desire to participate.

I have not yet achieved full comfort with this expanded version of myself. And I’m super excited about what I can FEEL is on its way!

1,2 Awakening the Planetary Mindset by Barbara Hand Clow

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