My sessions with my private clients involve checking the functions of all their glands, organs and bodily systems. Anytime a disruption in function is found, I always look for the presence of microbes like viruses or bacteria, as well as toxins like chemicals or heavy metals. And then a whole food supplementation program is designed to meet their needs and move the body into healing, recovery and full function.


In the months leading up to the coronavirus being confirmed in the U.S., I was witnessing some unique patterns with viruses and how they are affecting bodily function.

After 16 years in practice, seeing new patterns is noteworthy. I shared my observations recently on the Mentor in the Mirror podcast, which I invite and encourage you to watch or listen to here:

What does it all mean? While I’m sure there is much that will continue to unfold and reveal itself, the need for taking responsibility for your own body and embracing excellent self-care has never been greater.


The threat of this particular virus may pass, but the need for self-care will not. The world is changing and new ways of thinking and living are essential to align with the shift.


There’s been a lot of talk going around about boosting immune function. While some of it is well-intended and solid advice, much of it falls short. And that’s what my podcast discussion above, and my free guide, The Immune Boosting Life Formula, are all about.


Your health is the foundation of everything else in your life. There is nothing that deserves your attention more. I hope you’ll listen to the recording and download the free guide.


As always, I’m here if you have questions or want to talk.


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