Today I have a short video that shares more of my story and some of the incredible things I’ve learned, including how shifting my beliefs expanded my health in ways I could never have imagined. (Scroll down if you prefer to read the transcript.)

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Video Transcript

There are many things in my life that I am deeply grateful for. My health is at the top of that list.

 Arriving at a place of excellent health and gratitude began with a long struggle. 

I started having significant health issues when I was 14. I suffered from severe premenstrual cramps that once landed me in the hospital with suspected appendicitis. Fatigue, intestinal discomfort and being highly susceptible to sprains, strains and muscle pain were other unfortunate companions.

In my late teens, painful, bleeding and receding gums came along. Two rounds of surgical gum graphs, that included incredibly painful injections in the roof of my mouth, brought that under control.

Emotional challenges added to my misery. Most of it was just normal teenage stuff such as falling in love for the first time and having that relationship unravel in a way that I did not choose and did not understand, navigating the complexities of the high school social scene, keeping up with sports and school work while trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.

I was hurt and confused by all of it and by experiencing three tragic deaths: my cherished pet dog, my amazing godmother and a young cousin.

Then, in my second year of college, I slipped the disc in my jaw. Severe muscle spasms, numbness in my arms and hands and constant body aches kicked in. I was prescribed high dose muscle relaxers that provided some relief, but created unpleasant side effects such as more intense and more frequent intestinal discomfort, and severe seasonal allergies.

The constant pain made it impossible for me to get quality sleep. I was ridiculously overtired, highly irritable and incredibly uncomfortable all the time.

Like many young people, I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted for my life, what I was good at, or what made me happy. I was caught up in societal expectations and following the rules.

But the one thing I always knew I wanted was children.

I am beyond grateful that my health issues did not prevent me from bringing two amazing boys into this world.

But I was so miserably uncomfortable that I couldn’t be the mom I envisioned and enjoy my kids in the way that I wanted to.

I wanted to travel, be active and do fun activities with my kids. I wanted deep connection and to see them for the unique people they are, to encourage them to follow their own interests and discover their unique gifts and talents.

I wanted them to see all the possibilities and beauty of life!

And I could barely stay awake, let alone concentrate, think clearly and be consistently loving and engaged.

After my youngest son was born, my health took another nose dive. I was having trouble breathing and lost the ability to speak and feel my body. I thought I was having a stroke but later learned it was a severe panic attack.

I felt trapped inside a poorly functioning body.

I made a commitment to myself, to figure out how to get better, no matter what.

And that’s where my story shifts from misery to healing. 

My commitment led me deep into the world of holistic health, which I had started exploring while earning my degree in Health Science. 

I worked with holistic practitioners that designed healing supplementation programs to ease my digestive distress and move my body into healing mode.

And I began experimenting with all kinds of bodywork: chiropractic, massage, craniosacral therapy and myofascial release.

I had improvements from the very beginning, which inspired me to keep going.

Along the way, I realized how my own choices contributed to the mess I was in. I was determined to create a lifestyle that would continue to move my health forward and protect me from ever sliding back into the miserable state I was digging my way out of.

I completely overhauled my diet and my lifestyle, removing toxins from my food, personal care and household cleaning products, and from my work and home environments.

I paid close attention to what was and wasn’t working, and tweaked my treatments and my lifestyle to find the magical sweet spot that allowed me to continue making progress and improving how I felt and functioned.

It worked beautifully and my health continued to improve.

Each level of health I achieved drove me to commit to accessing an even higher level.

As my physical discomforts healed, I realized that I was overlooking the emotional, mental & spiritual aspects of health. And that, in doing so, I was limiting my ability to be my best, maximize my own skills, talents and passions and create the life I wanted.

I dove into learning all I could in this area and used techniques such as EFT and Emotion Code as well as reading, journaling and exploring my beliefs and desires.

My health skyrocketed, and so did my happiness and satisfaction with my life!

Now I know that true health is so much more than I was ever led to believe.

Body, mind and soul are all interconnected and inseparable pieces of being and feeling vibrantly healthy.

And fun, adventure and living your passion are just as important as what you believe, and how you take care of your body!

True health is a lifestyle.

I share my story to highlight the incredible healing power of our bodies, something too few people realize or talk openly about.  

We often settle for less than what we are capable of. When you feel your best, your ability to create an amazing life that you love is much greater.

My journey has changed my life in every conceivable way. My beliefs about what is possible constantly expand, along with my health.  

It’s a journey I will forever be grateful for.

I’ve only scratched the surface in sharing with you the many incredible things I’ve learned. I have so much more I’d like to tell you.

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